Old English Ginger Beer

2 1/4 lb sugar;
1-1.5 oz cream of tartar,
1-1.5 oz gingerroot,
2 lemons;
2 tbls fresh brewer's yeast,
3 gallons water boiling

Bruise the ginger, and put into a large earthenware pan, with the sugar and cream of tartar; peel the lemons, squeeze out the juice, strain it, and add, with the peel, to the other ingredients; then pour over the water boiling hot.

When it has stood until it is only just warm, add the yeast, stir the contents of the pan, cover with a cloth, and let it remain near the fire for 12 hours. Then skim off the yeast and pour the liquid off into another vessel, taking care not to shake it, so as to leave the sediment; bottle it immediately, cork it tightly; in 3 or 4 days it will be fit for use.

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