Lavender/Strawberry Vodka (or Gin)

400g/14 oz strawberries Hulled and thickly sliced
175g/6 oz caster sugar
8 Large Lavender flowers
750ml/1 1/4 pint/3 cups of Gin or Vodka.

Put the strawberries, sugar and lavender into a large wide necked jar. Pour on the Gin or Vodka and seal.

Leave the jar in a cool place for 7 days giving it a gentle shake each day.

Strain the Gin or Vodka off the fruit and lavender, then pour it back into the original bottle or into two smaller more decorative bottles. Seal well. Store in a cool place for up to four months

From the book Herbcrafts by Tessa Evelegh ISBN 1 85967 3430


Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

Oh this sounds so delicious! Does any Lavender flower work for this?

Love Letters to the Middle East said...

I love ya for this recipe too!