Austrian Streusel Cake

I adapted this recipe from Mary Ford's Biscuit Recipes book


3 oz Butter
6 oz Caster Sugar
1 lge Egg
3.5 fl 0z Milk
6 oz Self-raising flour

3 0z light brown soft sugar
1 oz Self Raising Flour
1tsp Cinnamon
1 oz Butter
2 oz Chopped Nuts (I like Pecans but she say's Walnuts)

For the cake bit : beat together the Butter, Sugar, egg, milk and flour in one bowl

For the filling : mix ingredients in a bowl to form a crumbly mix

To bake : put half the cake mix in a cake tray 8 in square, sprinkle half the filling on top, then put the rest of the cake mix on top and finish with the remaining filling.

Note : I have made this a couple of times and struggle with these instructions so you can do what I do and that is to put all the filling mix in between the two cake layers and bake as is and then make a very thin drizzle icing to put over the cake when cold.

Bake in a pre-heated oven 170oC - gas mark 3 for 35-40 mins

Leave in tin until cold and cut into squares when cold

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